Amelia Burnett

User experience (UX) designer with a background in interior architecture.
I enjoy organizing and planning seamless experiences for people so they feel confident and secure in their lives.

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About my Path to UX

Design Past

My initial start in the interior architecture field has taught me the importance of intentional design. The “why” behind every decision. Through my university education and early career I helped design places to meet peoples’ needs while also accounting for time, money and reducing the environmental impacts on our earth. I was especially interested in the intangible atmospheres of a place and how that would make people feel.

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From Physical to Digital

I’m inspired by the flexibility and nimbleness of digital designs that allows projects to be built more quickly and deliver impact to people sooner. I love how frequently we can learn from digital designs and it’s exciting to see all the innovation. I hope I can contribute by creating well informed designs to improve peoples’ lives.

Outside of Design

Outside of my design work I enjoy traveling the world! I’m always preparing for my next big trip. I’m so inspired when I get to experience new places and see how other people live their daily lives. I also like reading books, drinking boba and eating fruit.

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What I've done and learned so far


UX/UI Designer

Stellar Elements (formerly projekt202) - Design agency - Remote
June 2022 - present

  • Supporting a team and collaborating together to provide valuable deliverables to other stakeholders and clients.
  • Providing design solutions that meet user and business needs/goals through sketches, diagrams, wireframes and/or UI designs.
  • Creating final deliverables through clickable prototypes, component libraries or design specifications.
  • Presenting design work to internal team members and client stakeholders for feedback and approval.
  • Continued education on industry best practices and up-to-date design trends.

UX/UI Designer

Tempus Creative - Design agency - Remote
February 2022 (1 month)

  • Worked with a design team to redesign a client’s agency website to help attract more customers.
  • Complete deliverables included: competitive analysis, two iterations of wireframe designs, a high fidelity prototype, style guide and usability testing feedback.
  • Facilitated conversations with the client to gain feedback and presented progress work periodically along with coordinating with the design team to create a project plan and define individual responsibilities.

UX/UI Design Intern

BOOPER - Social network for dog owners - Remote
August - December 2021 (5 mos)

  • Collaborated with a design team and stakeholder to design a 2nd version of an iOS mobile app.
  • Helped define a value proposition, information architecture and user flows to clarify and prioritize design needs.
  • Assisted in preparing UI mock-ups and resolving edge cases for development hand-off.

Interior Designer

Jennifer Weiss Architecture - San Francisco, CA
August 2019 - July 2021(2 yrs)

  • Provided support to a design team and helped with 6 client projects along with branding and office admin needs.
  • Generated technical drawings, product specifications and renderings for stakeholder meetings to advance design discussions.
  • Assisted with maintaining online profiles and content creation to help attract new clients.

Energy Score Assessor (On-site field researcher)

Eugene Water & Electrical Board - Eugene, OR
January - June 2017 (6 mos)

  • Conducted research and site visits to homes and give recommendations to residents on how to improve their impact on the environment while saving utility bill costs.
  • Collaborated with a team to assess 240 houses in the Eugene area for quality of energy efficiency over the course of 6 months.

UX Projects

SpecBase - Mobile material inventory tool for interior designers

6 month conceptual design proposal - Solo Designer

  • Conducted secondary and primary research to understand interior designers’ needs.
  • Leveraged affinity maps, personas, user stories, and user flows to translate research findings into actionable design goals.
  • Developed wireframes, and high fidelity prototypes for 2 rounds of usability tests and design refinements.

TinyTales - Tablet reading app for parents and children

5 day conceptual design sprint - Solo Designer

  • Analyzed existing research data to define a design goal and proposed solution.
  • Created a prototype and conducted 5 usability tests to validate the designs and assess the likeliness to continue design development.


UX/UI Design Certificate

Springboard, 2021 - 2022

Bachelors of Interior Architecture

The University of Oregon, 2014 - 2019
Minor in Theater Arts


UX Methods

User Research
Interviews & Testing
Affinity Mapping
User Personas
Sketching & Wireframing


Google Suite
Adobe Suite

Who I've Worked With

"Amelia is an outstanding Experience Designer. She is able to translate engineering speak and unclear requirements into simple and elegant user experiences. She is wicked fast with Figma, which she combines with great attention to detail.

Amelia is a team-player who is always willing to help and support other designers and team members. She is always cheerful and happy, no matter how stressful the work or tight the deadlines.

Amelia also has great customer facing skills. She’s a solid presenter and a great listener. She is able to defend her design decisions while also taking in client and stakeholder feedback.

Amelia works well with Product Managers, Developers and Program Managers. I cannot recommend Amelia highly enough. She’s a joy to work with and would be a great addition to any team."

- Debbie Lefkowitz
Senior Program Manager at Stellar Elements (formerly projekt202)
"Amelia assisted my company with a web overhaul combining both an existing sales funnel with common practice e-commerce. Ultimately providing a balanced solution that allows our customers to choose between our product and service offerings. I can confidently attest to her ability to thrive in unknown territory. I witnessed her adapt to the unique request with professional execution."

-Jared Knapp
Founder of Tempus Creative
Senior Interaction Designer at Ford
"It has been an absolute pleasure to advise Amelia during her time studying UI/UX Design with Springboard! Amelia consistently goes above and beyond what is expected of her, both as a student and a designer. She has a natural ability to focus on the needs of users, offering creative solutions to user pain points with empathy, positivity, and professionalism. Even when the wheel isn't broken, Amelia finds a way to make it better, which truly sets her apart from other designers. Any team would be lucky to have Amelia join them!"

-Dave Austin
Program Launch Specialist at Springboard
"It has been an incredible experience getting to work with Amelia as one of our inaugural Peer Mentors in our Community Advocates Program. Amelia has consistently gone the extra mile to ensure that her peers are well supported in their design journey. She is uniquely skilled at making others feel safe and comfortable to express themselves authentically and ask for help when needed. She regularly hosts a support and accountability group for other design students to get help and stay on track to meet their goals. Her passion for design is very encouraging to others and she is a huge role model in our community! As one of our first volunteers, she has helped to shape our program and has gone above and beyond to share resources to make it easier for future volunteers to give back as well! Any team would be very lucky to have Amelia and I know with full confidence that she will find immense success in her career!"

-Annalicia Anaya
Community Lead at Springboard
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Let's Talk!

I love meeting new people and learning about their dreams, challenges and victories! Reach out if you:

  • Want to know more about my work and skills
  • Have questions about making a career switch